Green tea is a source of antioxidants and many other active trace elements that effectively fight extra pounds, and pineapple is one of the richest sources of the enzyme bromelain, which also promotes healthy digestion. and accelerates the metabolism. And the best part is that with green tea and pineapple you get a delicious refreshing and healthy smoothie.

To prepare a healthy cocktail, mix a cucumber, a bunch of spinach, 200-300 grams of peeled pineapple, the juice of half a lemon, 250 ml of green tea and a piece of ginger in a blender. Such a green smoothie will be a tasty substitute for a light dinner.

Lime and kiwi green smoothie

Energizing throughout the day and carrying out all the metabolic processes important for weight loss will help green tea and fruit smoothies rich in vitamin C.

For an invigorating blend, you will need half a green apple. , a peeled kiwi, 250 ml of iced tea and the juice of half a lime. Beat all the ingredients with a blender and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.